Multi-Line HIFU

The Latest Face and Body HIFU. This New Compact Device Allows the Aesthetic Practitioner to work more effectively and with greater speed than traditional single lines HIFUs.


Cartridges Available as Standard 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 8.0 mm, 13 mm penetration depths.


Traditional HIFUs (on the right) can only fire one line at the time. The MultiLine HIFU can fire several lines all at once.


This new design allows the operator to cut dramatically on treatment time as one shot can deliver several lines. Therefore with this device your business has a competitive edge versus other clinics operating more expensive and not up to date units.


The depths of penetration offered are suitable for both face lifting and body sculpting.

This device has been designed to be portable and lightweight. You have the standards ad 4.5 mm cartridges for face treatments.


HIFU Device with capable of up to 275 dots per shot in multiple lines.
2 standard cartridges: 3.0mm and 4.5mm, 8.0 mm, and 13.0 mm (body cartridge is optional). Each cartridge fires upto 10000 shots. 275 dots per shot in multiple lines.
3 option cartridges you can choose from: 6.0mm,,10mm,16mm Body contouring cartridges.