PRP for gynaecological treatment

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for Platelet-Rich Plasma and means plasma that has been enriched with a high degree of platelet concentration. PRP utilizes platelet-rich plasma from an individual’s blood to stimulate the repair and regeneration of damaged bone and soft tissue of the same individual.

Product features

These are what sets DS Biologicals Dr. PRP apart from conventional PRP kits.


We have built safety and reliability of the Dr. PRP Kit by exclusively using biocompatibility-certification completed raw materials as well as thorough gamma-ray sterilization system according the ISO11137.

One Step-Simplicity

Contamination from surrounding air during the concentration of platelets is blocked by adopting the one-Kit system and double safety cap. Because of this feature, the secondary contamination possibility is minimized unlike the cases of the similar products in the market.

Speed & Convenience

The Buffy coat layer can be conveniently and easily identified by any ordinary person that precise separation of highly concentrated PRP is easily done.


Any swinging bucket type centrifuge may be compatible with Dr. PRP Kit.

PRP Mechanism

Dr. PRP is used to prepare PRP for gynaecological treatments.

Vulvovaginal atrophy

Vulvar dermatoses : lichen sclerosis, lichen simplex, zoon vulvitis, eczema

Unspecific vulvitis

Pain in the episiorraphy


Cervical ectopy

Wounds and ulcers of difficult healing

Genitourinary fistulas

Gynecological surgery : pre-, per-, postoperative treatment

Cesarian section

Reproductive medicine

Sexual dysfunction : G-shot – O-shot

Fertility problems (I.V.F. – Ovaria)

Persistant endo- en exocervicitis

Sexual rejuvenation