Product introduction

A PRP Kit contains tools for concentrating and extracting blood platelets and adjusting blood plasma levels. DS Biologicals has successfully applied its proprietary technology and developed a kit for separating plasma and enriching it with high concentrations of platelets.

Product features

These are what sets DS Biologicals Dr. PRP apart from conventional PRP kits.


We have built safety and reliability of the Dr. PRP Kit by exclusively using biocompatibility-certification completed raw materials as well as thorough gamma-ray sterilization system according the ISO11137.

One Step-Simplicity

Contamination from surrounding air during the concentration of platelets is blocked by adopting the one-Kit system and double safety cap. Because of this feature, the secondary contamination possibility is minimized unlike the cases of the similar products in the market.

Speed & Convenience

The Buffy coat layer can be conveniently and easily identified by any ordinary person that precise separation of highly concentrated PRP is easily done.


Any swinging bucket type centrifuge may be compatible with Dr. PRP Kit.

Why use a PRP kit?

In preparing PRP, whole blood has to be centrifuged into three layers based on their density levels. The middle layer, which is called the buffy coat, has the highest concentration of platelets. A specialized PRP kit should be capable of separating this layer clean from the other two layers. PRP, in its most ideal form, has a low red blood cell count and a very high platelet-to-plasma ratio. PRP that has been prepared with a conventional PRP kit is usually red in color because it has a higher concentration of red blood cells. Dr. PRP kit, on the other hand, is highly capable of separating red blood cells from the buffy coat and indeed produces the most ideal PRP.