By april 23, 2017PUB MUSCULO

Source: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Authors: Volkan Kilincoglu, Abdurrahman Yeter, Erkan Servet, Mustafa Kangal and Mustafa Yildirim

Short term results comparison of intraarticular platelet-rich plasma (prp) and hyaluronic acid (ha) applications in early stage of knee osteoarthritis.


In the PRP and HA groups, when pre-treatment KSS and VAS scores were compared with post-treatment three and six-month scores, a statistically significant difference was seen. When the groups were compared with each other, there was no significant difference between pre-treatment KSS and VAS pain scores; however, a significant difference was found between post-treatment three and six-month scores.


In this study, the intra-articular PRP administration was more efficient than the HA administration in early knee osteoarthritis.